Friday, May 23, 2008

The truth-seeker's fight...

Here is a great quote from Kabir, a 15th Century Indian Poet (possibly where Truthseekers Intl. gets their name... I'll have to ask):

It is a hard fight and a weary one, this fight of the truth-seeker: for the vow of the truth-seeker is more hard than that of the warrior, or of the widowed wife who would follow her husband.

For the warrior fights for a few hours, and the widow's struggle with death is soon ended: But the truth seeker's battle goes on day and night, as long as life lasts it never ceases.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Just a quick update about where I'll be spending my summer. From July 8 till... well, till I leave, I'll be in New Delhi, India!!! How cool is that?

I'll be spending my time traveling around the country with Sunil Sardar of Truthseekers International. Sunil is sort of a big deal around India because of his steadfast commitment to bring an end to the caste system.

While in India, I'll be following in Sunil's footsteps as he meets with government leaders, speaks at Christian leadership seminars, and baptizes people in the Ganges river, among other things (ok, tell me that won't look good on my resume!).

Sunil has told me that he has several college-aged students that he wants me to meet, and I am super-excited about the potential friendships that may emerge. Also, I have asked to live with a Muslim or Hindu family for at least two weeks, and Sunil says that it won't be a problem. I'm looking for full immersion here...

Obviously, there will be many more details to come. But for now, check out the video below to get a taste of what my life will be like for the next several months!